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MikiMizuasa3.hiro.006 1024x680 Sexy Shemale in Lingerie   Miki Mizuasa

Yowza! Just one look at Japanese shemale Miki Mizuasa and your cock will rise to attention.

As an ex-pageant at Miss Tiffany Ladyboy Universe Contest held in Thailand, Miki has refined every part of her physical beauty. I adore her delicately tiny and curvy waist, her big breasts and her slim legs.  Miki is a sweet-heart. She has many hobbies – making figures, films, visiting temples and quite surprisingly she loves reading too.

Newhalf Miki doesn’t look like someone you’d immediately think of when you think of a porn star. When we asked her why she decided to go in porn, she said it was because she loves sex and wants to have sex with a different guy all the time! Sounds like a pretty good reason to me!

MikiMizuasa3.hiro.031 282x400 Sexy Shemale in Lingerie   Miki MizuasaMikiMizuasa3.hiro.048 270x400 Sexy Shemale in Lingerie   Miki Mizuasa


ReinaSezaki1.hiro.004 258x400 Flirty and Fun   Reina SezakiReinaSezaki1.hiro.062 220x400 Flirty and Fun   Reina Sezaki

Not much is known about our newest model, Reina Sezaki, but all I know is that this newhalf is HOT HOT HOT! I love that Reina has kind of punk feel about her. I don’t know whether it’s her leopard print bra with purple trim or those leather biker boots of hers, but Reina looks like a newhalf who loves having fun. In her debut set on Shemale Japan, you could tell she was having a great time in front of the camera.

ReinaSezaki1.hiro.017 400x220 Flirty and Fun   Reina Sezaki


runa1.hiro.079 282x400 Japanese Newhalf Runas Debut!runa1.hiro.050 251x400 Japanese Newhalf Runas Debut!

Runa is our latest newhalf making her debut on Shemale Japan. Not only is this her site debut, but also her media debut! Runa works for a very prestigious and popular escort agency and they normally don’t allow their escorts to pose. I don’t know how Runa did it, but I’m certainly glad she did.

Apparently Runa has been the top-selling girl at the Ueno-based brothel for the past 3 consecutive years. She has that innocent Lolita appeal that fulfils the guilty lust and makes her unforgettable. Her clients can only see her if they book her well in advance.

Runa is 21 years old. She was originally from Osaka but doesn`t speak with an Osaka accent because she moved to Saitama when she was young. Runa`s hobbies are music and travel. She plays the guitar, the piano and was once in a music band. She has vacationed overseas in Las Vegas and Indonesia but her ultimate dream is to travel to Canada to see the glaciers and the aurora borealis.

runa1.hiro.064 1024x628 Japanese Newhalf Runas Debut!


DSC 0795 Japanese Shemale Kanon is Cumming Again!

Our photographer Hiro just sent me some of the hottest pictures of Japanese shemale Kanon! You remember her, right? She debuted on her site last year, known for that girlish pout and more importantly, huge she-cock! That thing sticks straight up without even touching it. It’s like it has a mind of its own! If you don’t know anything about Kanon, I’ll give you the run down. She’s from this small town called Fukushima and is well along her way in her transformation. She’s definitely passable, just look at these latest pictures Hiro sent me!

Stay tuned to see her back on Shemale Japan!

DSC 0274 278x400 Japanese Shemale Kanon is Cumming Again!DSC 0172 267x400 Japanese Shemale Kanon is Cumming Again!

misaki1.hiro.060 284x400 Newhalf Misaki Shiratoris Rising Cockmisaki1.hiro.083 242x400 Newhalf Misaki Shiratoris Rising Cock

Japanese shemale Misaki is the newest addition to our site and let me tell you, she was difficult to get on here! Misaki is rare because she’s not an adult entertainment performer or a prostitute. She’s a celebrity show dancer

Feel free to be mesmerized by her flawless 22 year young body – the full breasts, the curvy hip, and the beautifully tapered legs. Misaki is a newhalf babe that Japan is eager to show off to the world. Because of her status in the mainstream media, we agreed not to photograph her cum shot, but only for now!

She’s already agreed to return for a re-shoot after the New Year and hold your breath members – she promised to shoot a load on camera for us next time! Miyagi enjoys dancing, travelling and clubbing for fun. She is a Tokyo born and bred but her mother is from the North-east of Japan where women are well-known for their beautiful, highly desirable pale skin. No doubt she’s got her mother’s genes for her milky skin complexion.

Misaki likes men who are creative. This is the first time Misaki has ever done a porn photo-shoot and she confessed that she was nervous. I really hope we will see more of her mesmerizing appearance here on Shemale Japan!