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AkaneHC2nd.hiro .smj .aj072 280x444 Mistress Akane Double TakeAkaneHC2nd.hiro .smj .aj006 280x420 Mistress Akane Double Take

The Mistress of Osaka is back and asserting her dominance on not just one, but two of her victims! Dressed in killer heels and pantyhose she demands they lay on their backs and get what is coming to them before she picks the most disobedient and pounds his sorry ass – Akane style! Just another reason to love the updates on Shemale Japan.

AkaneHC2nd.hiro .smj .aj065 280x417 Mistress Akane Double TakeAkaneHC2nd.hiro .smj .aj081 280x420 Mistress Akane Double Take

BeniSasaki5bunnygirl.hiro .smj .aj007 280x411 Bunny Beni SusakiBeniSasaki5bunnygirl.hiro .smj .aj095 280x420 Bunny Beni Susaki

Osaka starlet Beni Sisaki is back for her 5th set today in a scene that is guaranteed to make you tight in the trouser department! Dressed in her mouth-watering bunny attire and killer heels, playful Beni delivers yet another jaw dropping display as she continues to rise up! It’s not long before this little firecracker is stripped bare and stroking that sweet shenis which she keeps so neatly tucked in her underwear. It’s an explosive finale brought to you by Shemale Japan.

BeniSasaki5bunnygirl.hiro .smj .aj048 280x447 Bunny Beni SusakiBeniSasaki5bunnygirl.hiro .smj .aj078 280x408 Bunny Beni Susaki

RenkaTsukishiroHC.hiro .smj .aj063 280x418 Renko Switches it Up!RenkaTsukishiroHC.hiro .smj .aj010 280x426 Renko Switches it Up!

Renko is making her hardcore debut here on Shemale Japan! This sweet girl likes to start slow before getting aggressive, so she starts with some oral that builds into her topping. Once she’s really turned on she can’t wait to bottom her way to orgasm, making for a super sexy scene.

RenkaTsukishiroHC.hiro .smj .aj021 280x410 Renko Switches it Up!RenkaTsukishiroHC.hiro .smj .aj046 280x415 Renko Switches it Up!

Mitsuki2schoolwear.hiro .smj .aj0091 280x420 Mitsukis After School SpecialMitsuki2schoolwear.hiro .smj .aj0241 280x405 Mitsukis After School Special

What does any girl want to do after a long hard day at school? Well Mitsuki shows Shemale Japan that she definitely knows what she wants, to get naked and touch herself. This naughty little school girl strips down from her uniform so that nothing inhibits her ability to play with herself. Between her round ass and perky breasts, she’s a wet dream cum true.


Mitsuki2schoolwear.hiro .smj .aj0861 280x411 Mitsukis After School SpecialMitsuki2schoolwear.hiro .smj .aj0961 280x401 Mitsukis After School Special


noa1 280x414 A Vision in White! Noa Nishinonoa2 280x419 A Vision in White! Noa Nishino

Happy holidays from this magnificent vision in white, newhalf Noa Nishino! Her holiday themed set from Shemale Japan is making us all wish we were in Japan right now.┬áDressed for sex in her alluring white lingerie, Noa joins us under the tree and invites us to unwrap her gently before ravishing that picture perfect ass and ever-rigid love bone! She’s festive, frisky and so damn fuckable!

noa3 280x413 A Vision in White! Noa Nishinonoa4 280x400 A Vision in White! Noa Nishino


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