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Japanese shemale Maria Tominaga is a stunning newhalf back on Shemale Japan. She is gorgeous and down to earth, with long slender legs and soft milky white skin. In this scene, she’s sporting a short black trench coat and wandering the streets of Tokyo, teasing us and making us believe that she’s about to flash someone at any moment. When she gets back inside, she reveals that she’s actually wearing a discreet black dress under her coat and she’s ready to strip down and show us what she’s all about.


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Why do you think Japanese shemale Nana looks so serious all the time? Well, it’s because Nana takes sex very seriously. She wants a guy who takes sex as seriously as she does.  When she has sex, it takes all her concentration and she has to have a partner who feels the same. When Nana has sex, she doesn’t want any distractions. She wants her guy to paying only attention to her and her throbbing cock. She wants her cock to pleasure her body as if it were the last thing he was going to do before he dies. Can you handle a horny newhalf like Nana?

Japanese shemale Hiromi says she’s never done porn before, but I almost don’t believe her. She makes quite an impression on Shemale Japan. In this set she’s wearing some really sexy black lingerie and stockings, but it can’t seem to hold her cock in properly. From the beginning of the set, it’s already bulging out. Hiromi loves dressing up in various costumes, whether it’s a sexy maid outfit, an anime costume, etc. She loves roleplaying and guys who can take care of her and her thick, rock hard cock.

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Japanese shemale Nana is our newest addition to the site. I think she will be best known for her fat cock and sexy mouth.  Not much is known about Nana yet, but really what do you need to know about her that you can’t figure out from just looking at her long legs and sweet ass? Delicious–a perfect addition to our site!

Ohhh Miki B, where have you been all my life? I’ve missed her since her debut! Miki B is a 19 year old hottie, known for her long legs and slender body. More importantly, though, she’s known for that long cock of hers! I mean, just look at it. It’s like a third arm or something. Miki B is a humble newhalf from Okayama, who says she’s never traveled to Tokyo before. But don’t be fooled–this small town girl knows how to party!

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