Sasha Nakayama - Brazilian Japanese Transsexual

Sasha Nakayama - Brazilian Japanese Transsexual

Japanese in Brazil?   It’s not the most known fact but Brazil has the largest population of ethnic Japanese, outside Japan, over 1.5 million of them (the USA is the second with 1.2 million Japanese).  The largest concentrations of Japanese in Brazil are mostly found in the Sao Paolo and in the Parana. Grooby Productions has been running the top Brazilian shemale site, with Louie Damazo at the helm, out of Brasil for over 9 years and of course, during that time, one of two Japanese Brasilian shemales have been photographed!

Although Shemale Japan will not be showing Japanese shemales from outside of Japan, I thought it would be fun to show them on this blog, to see either the differences between the new-half living in Japan – and the ones who were born and brought up in different countries, often not speaking their cultural language or identifying with their culture – and sometimes looking quite different.

Sasha Nakayama was the first such girl, originally appearing on Brazilian Transexuals in 2000 at the age of 22, she became a firm favourite on that site. With both parents being Japanese, born in Brazil, she spoke neither Japanese or knew anything about her ancestral home – but she could not be mistaken for anything but Japanese and was one of the most convincing transsexuals I’ve ever seen. Lucious, thick black hair, beautiful almond eyes, tanned skin – a completely hot tgirl – the one difference, a big Brazilian ass!

Sasha appeared in a number of photo shoots by herself and with Brazilian travesiti, Domy and also made an appearance on Shemale Yum as well as on an early DVD release, “Shemale Yum takes on Brazilian Transsexuals” which is now out of stock but the scene is a must see on Hardcore Shemale Video as she gets sweaty and nasty, she proceeded to fuck herself with a candle, a lighter, a carrot and an eggplant….you’ve got to see the video to get the full effect!

Sasha had full sexual re-assignment surgery in 2004 and no shoot has ever been done of her new vagina.

Sasha, Japanese shemale

Sasha, Japanese shemaleSasha in a 2003 shootJapanese-Brazilian Shemale Sasha with dildoSasha in a 2002 Shemale Yum shoot