Grooby Productions proudly announces the Tranny Awards for 2008. With the lack of recognition those in the transgender erotica industry receive, we’ve decided to sponsor our own awards! The 2008 Tranny Awards will only be online this year, but depending on the popularity of the event, we’ll consider using a live venue for next year.

There are ten categories for nomination and cash prizes totaling over $10,000 for the winners. This is your chance to support and vote for your favorite models! So head over to the Nomination Page and vote for your favorite models, websites, and DVDs!

Voting closes on the 10th December 2008.

No, not really!  She’s still our favourite newhalf who works in a shopping district of Tokyo but she had some glamorous photos taken recently to show how great she looks with full makeup and hair.

Personally, I like her in her shoots on Shemale Japan better but she does look stunning here.
Hiro, our photographer on Japanese transsexuals is going to photograph some new material of Marin very soon and I hope to have some samples for you.

Many Japanese Cross-dressers are very shy and they do not want to appear in a porn websites.

So I think it would be almost impossible to take good photo of Japanese cross-dresser,but Yuko contacted me about ShemaleJapan modeling.

She wrote on mail to me,”I saw your website -SMJ-. I think there are many beautiful Japanese newhalves. And I admire to them. I am amateur,but I think I can show Japanese cross-dresser’s new attraction to SMJ’s members”

I think Yuko is totally attractive and sexy cross-dresser. Usually she like female, but when she wears a
dress, she changes her mind…


The POV sets.

Loved by many, disliked by some. I’ve done this update especially with two POV shoots for those who do love them – but also to let those who don’t, that Friday’s update won’t have any POV. Also I wanted to illustrate how hard it is sometimes to work in Japan and the differences between shooting there compared to the rest of the world.
Hime Tsukino is a notoriously difficult shemale model to get to work, she knows she can demand what she wants and chooses which companies to work for. She’s sweet on set but has very strong ideas how she wants to present herself. She guaranteed to work for us and in future sets a probable hardcore but only if we show a blowjob scene with her dressed fully and never showing her cock … so she can use the photos to show herself as a girl! Of course, we obliged and got an awesome scene out of her – nastier then she would have been if she’d been naked.

Shemale Japan is opening new frontiers and pushing the boundaries. We’re glad that your coming on this ride with us.

I thought I’d share these photos of Sayuri, my newhalf friend for over 5 years, these photos though I took last year. Sayuri is the most famous newhalf showgirl in Japan and many, many people know her. It really is unprecedented that she would make photos and videos for this website, including blow-job scene and it’s only because we are such good friends.

She’s been a post-op newhalf for many years and after she had her SRS operation she said she feels completely like a woman.

I hope we can work with her again!