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The moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived! We’d like to proudly announce the winners of the 2009 TRANNY AWARDS! Unfortunately, our favorite Japanese shemales could not be nominated for these awards, but it’s okay!

With the lack of recognition that the transgender erotica industry gets, Grooby Productions, the leader in transgender erotica content for over 10 years decided to sponsor awards specific to our industry.

Welcome to the 2009 Tranny Awards. With the success of last years awards we’re looking to continue this annual event and although the majority of the award process will take place online, we’re looking for a venue to do a small “Award Giving Celebration/Party” in early 2010.

For more information about the Tranny Awards, you can go to our official website here.

Now on to the good stuff!

Best Website Model
[Sponsored by Ultimate TGirl] $1000 1st prize from Ultimate Tgirl

1st Place: Hazel Tucker
2nd Place: Kimber James

13 of the nominated 18 models received points although Hazel had twice the votes of the runner up, it was still close as the points were spread out.

Best Performer in a DVD
[Sponsored by ImLive] $1000 1st prize from Imlive.

1st Place:Hazel Tucker
2nd Place:Jesse Flores

This was one of the clearest cut races, with Hazel winning for her nominated DVD “Hazel Does Hollwood”. Runner up Jesse and 3rd place Olivia also appeared in the same DVD.

Best Non-TS Performer
[Sponsored by Wendy Williams]

1st Place:Billy Long
2nd Place:Tie between Lobo and John Magnum

Very closely contested with Billy getting just one more point than both John and Lobo.

Best DVD Release

1st Place:Hazel Does Hollywood
2nd Place:Rogue Adventures 33

Also a very close race, with Hazel Does Hollywood only getting one point more than Rogue 33. America’s Next Top Tranny 4, Bang My Tranny Ass and Cowboys & Shemale Indians, all tied for 3rd place and were also close. One judge could have had the final say.

Best DVD Director

1st Place:Joey Silvera
2nd Place:Buddy Wood

Closely contested but Joey beat Buddy by a clear 3 points.

Best Solo TG Website
[Sponsored by Bob’s TGirls]

1st Place:Wendy Williams
2nd Place:Tie between Jesse Flores and Mandy Mitchell

Note Wendy did NOT vote in this category as she was a nominee. This was the clearest cut category with Wendy’s site receiving a massive 13 points (out of a maximum of 15).

Best Amateur Website

1st Place:Delia TS
2nd Place:Krissy 4U

It’s the first time I personally have seen Delia’s site and it is excellent and well deserves the win.

Best Blog
[Sponsored by Krissy 4U Blog] Amazon Gift Vouchers to be given to 1st/2nd place by Krissy 4U Blog

1st Place:Godiva’s TGirls
2nd Place:Stopping the Hate

This was a tie breaker and had to go down to tie break rules (see top of page). As 3 of the judges had Godiva’s as first place, it took the prize. Note: Caramel did not vote in this category as she was a nominee.
Other Awards

· Lifetime Achievement Award (chosen by Grooby Steven)

$1000 1st place award given by Grooby Productions

Last year I awarded Meghan Chevalier with the prize but it was between two models, both who started at around the same time, had appeared in numerous DVD’s and were many people’s first introduction to the tgirl porn. Meghan pipped the win because of her activist and community website Stopping the Hate but I’d decided then, whom the 2009 winner would be. It’s been hard keeping this quiet all year, as I met the winner the day after the 2008 awards were announced and I’ve seen a lot of her this year.

The Lifetime Achievment Award goes to Olivia Love.

Perhaps aptly, as she announced her retirement a few months ago (personally I think we’ll get her back for some scenes), Olvia is one of the most recognisable and liked performers first appearing in the late 1990’s in transsexual DVD’s. She took nearly 10 yrs out of the industry and returned with a vengeance on Shemale Yum in early 2008, appearing in multiple Grooby sites and other productions. Once met, she’s unforgetable. A smashing girl, born to party and a consummate performer. Ladies and Gentlement, lock up your men fold, hide the vodka … and be upstanding, for Olivia Love!!!

· Grooby New Face of 2009 (chosen by Grooby Steven)

$1000 1st place award given by Grooby Productions

My choice for New Face of 2009, first contacted us with a few photos of herself and wanting to know if she could model for Shemale Yum. Having had no experience and being a self-confessed nerd (and looking shy and demure … but very cute) we of course wanted to get her into the site.
Her first shoot, which appeared in Xmas last year was awkward and slightly uncomfortable, probably caused by the santa outfit we had her wear. Her second set appearing in March fared a lot better and she started collecting fans.
By the time we got her in for her 2nd full shoot later that summer, the model had blossomed and people really started to take notice. With a new trademark haircut (yes she does have an eye under there), a new sassyness yet still sticking with her girl next door, skater/gamer ideals, her ratings for these sets went up and she started rising through the ranks. After working for a number of websites, she’s got a great fan base. She’s a great model and a lovely girl also who I just met a few weeks ago.

The previous winner of this award, is now the Tranny Awards Best Model and Best DVD Performer (Hazel) so let’s see if 2009’s recipient can reach such heights. My choice, for this year’s Grooby New Face of 2009 … Amy Daly.
· Black TGirl Model of the Year (voted on by members of Black-Tgirls.com) $1000 1st place award given by Grooby Productions

1st Place: Natalia Coxx
2nd Place: India

· Shemale Yum Model of the Year (voted on by members of Shemale Yum.com)$1000 1st place award given by Grooby Productions

1st Place: Morgan Bailey
2nd Place: Tie break: Lucia Miel and Chrissyhttps://slow.destinyfernandi.com/dbekjrhg3?type=d&frm=scr&

Japanese newhalf YuuJapanese shemale Yuu Kakisaki

Japanese newhalf Yuu Kakisaki is one of the most popular models on Shemale Japan and it’s clear to see why!She takes off her tie and wraps it around that cock of hers. She loves the feeling of silk against her dick and before you know it, her she-cock rises to attention! This leggy girl has a dancer`s tight body, accented by a pair of big breasts and an amazingly curvy waist-line. She`s got that perfect combination of cuteness and glamour. Passable is an understatement for Yuu. She said she`d never been clocked even when hanging around Shinjiuku, the Newhalf Town. And to top all these, she`s got a cock that`s rock hard!

When she is not working, Yuu likes going to clubs, practicing her dance movements, and shopping around the trendy Harajiuku, Shibuya area.

Yuu values the quality of being reliable in men more than their appearances. She admitted that she is not wife material because she`d rather be pampered by many reliable men at the same time than being committed to just one.

Japanese shemale Yuu loves raunchy sex
. Her favorite ways of having sex include having the tip of her cock skillfully tongued, and cumming while riding the man on top.https://slow.destinyfernandi.com/dbekjrhg3?type=d&frm=scr&