Japanese Shemale RioJapanese Shemale Rio with hair cock

Rio Kusakabe is a famous Japanese shemale AV star that we have hidden up our sleeve.  She went to Thailand a few days ago for her sex change operation, so we can’t wait to see the results of that! Until then, here are some yummy pictures of her with that hard dick of hers showing. It’s too bad that we’ll have to say goodbye to that she-cock of hers, it looks delicious on her smooth, milky white body.  Plus, Rio’s  sensitive cock can stand on its own with even just the slightest touch.

Japanese Shemale RioJapanese shemale Rio

It’s your favorite shemale peformers favorite time of year! The 2009 Tranny Awards is just around the corner!

Sponsored by Grooby Productions, Krissy4u – The Official Blog Shemale Model Index

Notes and Rules:

Six judges have been chosen from fans, forum posters and the adult industry. These judges will remain anonymous until after the winners are announced – they also are not told, whom the other judges are.

YOU get to nominate in each category.

Best Website Model $1000 prize!
Best DVD Performer
Best Non-TS Performer
Best DVD
Best DVD Director
Best Solo TG Website ($300 promo banner advertising sponsored by Shemale Model Index)
Best Amateur Website ($300 promo banner advertising sponsored by Shemale Model Index)
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Other awards to be announced:
· Lifetime Achievement Award $1000 prize (chosen by Grooby Steven)

· Grooby New Face Award $$$ TBA (chosen by Grooby Steven)

· Black Tgirls Model of the Year $1000 prize (chosen by Black-Tgirls members)

· Shemale Yum Model of the Year $1000 prize (chosen by Shemale Yum members)


1. Model or Performer categories had to appear in at least one production that was filmed in 2009.
2. Websites must have been active for minimum 4 months in 2009.
3. Best Blog must be mainly handwritten and active for minimum of 6 months in 2009.
4. Best DVD and Best DVD Director must be for a DVD released in 2009.

You may nominate as many different people, sites or titles as you wish, in as many or as few categories.

You may enter multiple names (seperated by comma) if you wish.


10th December 2009 – Deadline for pre-nominations from industry and members of public.
12th December 2009 – Nominations to be announced in each category and judges to begin their determination.
08th January 2009 – Winners to be announced.

Please go to Tranny Awards to nominate.

Thank you to our media sponsors:

Japanese Newhalf AkiJapanese shemale Aki


Want something hot and juicy to sink your teeth into? How about a sassy newhalf like Aki!  This 29 year old is one our sassiest additions to our site, strutting around and teasing all the boys with that delicious ass of hers!  Although she loves to be touched everywhere her most erogenous zones are, of course, her ass-pussy, and her feet. She gets so aroused if you diligently lick her toes all the way up to her thighs that she will do anything you want.


Yum! I have a new girl on Shemale Japan that I think you all might love. Her name is Rina and she is hot, hot, hot! Just look at that bulge in her hot pink panties.  It’s just holding in that magnificent, thick cock of hers! Japanese shemale Rina is gonna make some waves on the site. She has a sweet as pie smile and a sweeter she-pussy for the tasting!

Shemale Japan SayakaNewhalf Sayaka

27 y/o Sayaka is a North-eastern beauty from the snow country of Sendai. She has gorgeous long hair reaching to her hips. Sayaka does neither escort nor perform in porn; she works in a mainstream job as an esthetician and nailist and lives as a normal girl. Only on our Shemale Japan website are you privileged to see Sayaka’s sexy body!

Sayaka loves going to dance clubs, where she devastates men with her sex pheromones. With her voluptuous G-cup tits, milky white skin and sexy looks, every man falls into her prey, without knowing that she`s got a big dick.

Sayaka has a sunny personality. She likes travelling by herself and trots around the globe several times a year. Her hobbies also include piercing; she`s got a tongue pierce that she knows very well how to use when she gives a blowjob. Sexually Sayaka prefers to be the aggressor than the recipient.