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What Japanese shemale Miki B lacks in tits, she makes up in she-cock! For a girl that slender, she’s certainly packing a magnum sized cock. It’s long and slender, like Miki B, and needs a lot of love and attention (just like Miki B).

Believe it or not, Miki B has never used hormones before. She’s naturally very feminine, right down to those delicious toes of hers.

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Ohhh Miki B, where have you been all my life? I’ve missed her since her debut! Miki B is a 19 year old hottie, known for her long legs and slender body. More importantly, though, she’s known for that long cock of hers! I mean, just look at it. It’s like a third arm or something. Miki B is a humble newhalf from Okayama, who says she’s never traveled to Tokyo before. But don’t be fooled–this small town girl knows how to party!

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