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RenaAraki2minidress.hiro .smj .aj047 280x410 RenaAraki2minidress.hiro .smj .aj076 280x403

Tokyo, Japan-Rena Araki is one of our new faces on Shemale Japan, but it’s obvious that this girl is on the rise! Underneath her sexy black nightie, she has all the right curves and knows exactly how to show off in a way that is so seductive. Once she gets started, she even has fun playing it up for the camera in front of a mirror, and the way she plays its hard not to be excited and twice the amount of beauty!


RenaAraki2minidress.hiro .smj .aj086 280x420 RenaAraki2minidress.hiro .smj .aj094 280x406


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MEGUMI6bikini.hiro .smj .aj026 600x397 Megumis Messy Bath Time


Osaka, Japan- Megumi is one of our rising stars on Shemale Japan, and it’s no wonder why. This beauty has the looks and body, not to mention she know how to work her assets. In this sexy solo, we thought we were getting a bikini shoot, but it ends up Megumi was a very dirty girl and needed a bath, and who are we to object? Watching her rub soap all over her body and along her ever hardening cock was a sight to see. It was even hotter when in all the excitement she came all over herself. Well at least we had the bath still ready for her.

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MEGUMI6bikini.hiro .smj .aj092 280x406 Megumis Messy Bath TimeMEGUMI6bikini.hiro .smj .aj070 280x398 Megumis Messy Bath Time



BeniSasaki5bunnygirl.hiro .smj .aj007 280x411 Bunny Beni SusakiBeniSasaki5bunnygirl.hiro .smj .aj095 280x420 Bunny Beni Susaki

Osaka starlet Beni Sisaki is back for her 5th set today in a scene that is guaranteed to make you tight in the trouser department! Dressed in her mouth-watering bunny attire and killer heels, playful Beni delivers yet another jaw dropping display as she continues to rise up! It’s not long before this little firecracker is stripped bare and stroking that sweet shenis which she keeps so neatly tucked in her underwear. It’s an explosive finale brought to you by Shemale Japan.

BeniSasaki5bunnygirl.hiro .smj .aj048 280x447 Bunny Beni SusakiBeniSasaki5bunnygirl.hiro .smj .aj078 280x408 Bunny Beni Susaki

Mitsuki2schoolwear.hiro .smj .aj0091 280x420 Mitsukis After School SpecialMitsuki2schoolwear.hiro .smj .aj0241 280x405 Mitsukis After School Special

What does any girl want to do after a long hard day at school? Well Mitsuki shows Shemale Japan that she definitely knows what she wants, to get naked and touch herself. This naughty little school girl strips down from her uniform so that nothing inhibits her ability to play with herself. Between her round ass and perky breasts, she’s a wet dream cum true.


Mitsuki2schoolwear.hiro .smj .aj0861 280x411 Mitsukis After School SpecialMitsuki2schoolwear.hiro .smj .aj0961 280x401 Mitsukis After School Special


RuiMatsushita1030 1024x722 Japanese Shemale Rui Matsushitas Debut
Japanese shemale Rui Matsushita
recently debuted on Shemale Japan.  Rui looks like a classy, innocent newhalf but when she takes off her clothes, she reveals her many tattoos.  If you like your newhalves classy with a side of bad ass, Rui Matsushita will make your cock hard with excitement.

RuiMatsushita1008 265x400 Japanese Shemale Rui Matsushitas DebutRuiMatsushita1136 257x400 Japanese Shemale Rui Matsushitas Debut