Hi, I’m Miki Mizuasa
I am excited about being on Shemale Japan because after appearing in 57 AV newhalf movies in Japan, I can now eye the global market.
I have been friends with Hiro for nearly 6 years and because I know so many newhalf in Japan I will help him get new models.
I hope you will see more of me and also look in the Shemale Japan Forum as I hope to be coming in and saying hello!” – Love Miki!

Miki is one of the most popular transsexual performers in Japan, many newhalves respect her because of
her personality and job performance. She is very professional and always gives a great performance. She has been sending many personal photos in to us and I don’t know of any place which would have private newhalf photos like this. Let me know in the forum what you think of Miki and we will get more of her.
Thanks  Hiro


3 Responses to “Hello from Miki Mizuasa – Newhalf Star!”

  1. Larry says:

    Hello darling I find you very beautiful and would love to chat with you. Would love very much to meet ypou also.
    You are enough to make any guy turn his head very sexy dear.

  2. rick says:

    hello…i seen all your sexy pics and i must say that you are a very sexy, hands down. i would love to see your vids.

  3. sexyindianguy says:

    hi baby, i think your one of the hottest babes in the world
    i love all your pics and i really would love to meet you
    if ur ever in london, uk then email me and il give you a brilliant tour and take you out…
    lots of love babes

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