No, not really!  She’s still our favourite newhalf who works in a shopping district of Tokyo but she had some glamorous photos taken recently to show how great she looks with full makeup and hair.

Personally, I like her in her shoots on Shemale Japan better but she does look stunning here.
Hiro, our photographer on Japanese transsexuals is going to photograph some new material of Marin very soon and I hope to have some samples for you.

5 Responses to “Marin – A Glamour Girl?”

  1. Tousen says:

    Wow!!! Marin has always been one of my favorite girls, but she looks simply breath taking now. I love Japanese Newhalves!!!:)

  2. Jessoki says:

    So sexy and picture gave a lots of mental stimulous!

  3. Mike Varley says:

    Hi darling – You are so so beautiful darling – I am Mike from UK. do you want an English friend – woh comes to Japan sometimes.

  4. Number one says:

    hi….i love Marin very much,,,i would like more pictures or movies from her,,,,can someone help me please……..

  5. David says:

    I live in Osaka and met Marin in Osaka. Had a wonderful time. She is very beautiful and very strong, if you know what I mean.

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