Many Japanese Cross-dressers are very shy and they do not want to appear in a porn websites.

So I think it would be almost impossible to take good photo of Japanese cross-dresser,but Yuko contacted me about ShemaleJapan modeling.

She wrote on mail to me,”I saw your website -SMJ-. I think there are many beautiful Japanese newhalves. And I admire to them. I am amateur,but I think I can show Japanese cross-dresser’s new attraction to SMJ’s members”

I think Yuko is totally attractive and sexy cross-dresser. Usually she like female, but when she wears a
dress, she changes her mind…


3 Responses to “Sexy Japanese Cross-Dresser Yuko”

  1. Tousen says:

    Wow!! Okay… Okay I’ll just say it. When I saw her the first time I thought she WAS a girl. I didn’t know she was only a crossdresser until I read her description. She is admittedly very pretty. Does she have plans on persuing becoming a newhalf or is she strictly a crossdresser? I think she could be a very beautiful Newhalf. Well… if that’s her goal. Anyway I don’t care if she’s a Newhalf or a crossdresser I think she’s very pretty either way. ;p

  2. jesus says:

    hey i need the myspace of this beauty girl yuko.

    i like to have a contac or myspace comunication.

  3. Jade Harper says:

    wish i could look that good

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