If you’ve been members of other Grooby websites we’re going to try and deviate from what you may be used to in an update schedule. Instead of one big “magazine-like” update, we plan to update 3 times a week (Mon/Wed/Fri) with a selection of brand new girls, shoots of our current models and some hardcore. Every set will go up with the video and we aim that over the week, you should get to see plenty of great content.

Please help us with site feedback. You’ll find other fans on the forum as well as the photographer, Hiro and myself.

Rate the girls please! Just select on the star’s 1-5 what your rating of that model is. Almost all of the models have a password to the site and will be checking out their ranking and comments left for them.

This update we’re showing a brand new new-half called Ribon, it’s her first time doing any sort of nude modeling so we’re privileged to see her here first – also more of the lovely Arisu, who was ranking at number 2 on the all time favourite models but it looks like some people have been voting today as she’s dropped out of there!


2 Responses to “Ribon, cute little teen Japanese new half added.”

  1. Genwolf says:

    Wow! Love the second of the two pictures. Fantastic photo, you guys. Good work!

  2. peter says:

    wow oyur amazing looking as well as so damm pretty to say nothing of that gorgeous cock that you have there i would love to have someone such as yourself as a girlfriend but sadly the only ones in england are not only ugly but not remotely convinceing at all but you are spellbinding xxxxx

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