Hime Tsukino is one of the best-known newhalfs in Japan. Her name Hime means `princess` in English, which suits her perfectly as she is the epitomy of girlish cuteness.

Hime is 23 years old. A typical Osakan, she has a cheerful disposition, loves clubbing and partying. She works as an AV actress in Tokyo and is a good friend of Mana Sakuragawa. The pair are often seen `men-hunting` all over the clubs in Osaka and Tokyo.

This 23 years old is girlishly cute yet alluring like a true seductress. She is a fashion junky and loves to dress up. There is no stopping for this girl to blossom into possibly one of the best-looking newhalfs ever!

To match her beauty, she also has such a bright, sweet personality. A dream girl for every man but to be her dream man, you must love to party, to dress nice and adore sex.

Sexy Japanese Shemale Hime TsukinoHime Tsukino Spreading her Legs for the Camera


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  1. barry says:

    Is it possible to meet Hime? I live in Osaka.

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