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It has been a while since newhalf Sayuri has graced Shemale Japan’s website. It is quite an honor to have Miss Sayuri debut here and continue to appear here, she’s one of the biggest name show-dancers in Osaka.

Sayuri is from the Saitama Prefecture. She currently dances in a show-pub in Nagoya. I can just imagine Sayuri showing off her slender, sexy body while dancing.

Sayuri is a very independent, goal-oriented and perseverant girl. She is a big fan of the burlesque diva (and Marilyn Manson`s ex) Dita Von Teese. Her favorite film is Show Girl. On the other hand, she loves history and frequents old temples and remains with friends on her days off! She is working on her English because she wants to study abroad.

Wow, just wow. Look how good Sayuri looks! Her new pussy is shaved and tight and she’s happy to show it off.

Japanese Post-Op Showing her Pussy


It was great to have two of my favorite friends and newhalf’s from Shemale Japan to come to Osaka this week.
Sayuri, the most beautiful post-op transsexual in Jaoan, came to Osaka, so I met with her and then Mana joined with us to enjoy some interesting times out.
First we went to Tsutenkaku, this is most famous Osaka’s tower and very famous old town and even though the weather was not good, it still appeared very beautiful. We then went to Kushikatsu restaurant for eating and drink beer – if you’ve never seen a shemale eat, you would be surprised, they might have tiny bodies but they love to eat lots and lots of food (many small Asian girls are the same!). Mana and Sayuri worked with each other 4 ears ago in newhalf show club, so they became friends there. Many men could not stop looking at the girls.

I thought I’d share these photos of Sayuri, my newhalf friend for over 5 years, these photos though I took last year. Sayuri is the most famous newhalf showgirl in Japan and many, many people know her. It really is unprecedented that she would make photos and videos for this website, including blow-job scene and it’s only because we are such good friends.

She’s been a post-op newhalf for many years and after she had her SRS operation she said she feels completely like a woman.

I hope we can work with her again!